Alessondra's story of the OKC Owl Cam originated in late 2010. She's credited with discovering and naming the owl family, known now as The Tiger Family. Since then, the owl cam has become quite a part of her identity having served as a basis for many aspects of her early education.

Alessondra has enjoyed a broad scope of experiences that have come from this endeavor. Aside from becoming a young, unlikely expert on Great Horned Owls, she's also learned first hand a great deal about biology, nature and wildlife, good stewardship of life and natural resources, and even public relations and public speaking.

Throughout the many seasons of the OKC Owl Cam, she has participated in countless print and television news stories on both local and national levels. She has spoken by video and in person to numerous classes of students around the world whose fascination with owls originated with the cam. She was even a guest speaker at the Oklahoma City ANIMAL Conference, where she shared the story of the OKC Owl Cam to hundreds of animal lovers and activists.

Needless to say, the Owl Cam has been a big part of her young life. It's a series of experiences that has molded and shaped here in many ways. And even though quite regularly out in public she's stopped and asked by many, "Are you the Owl Girl?!", there's way more to her than just that.

Now a pre-teen, Alessondra's interests have branched out into new territories. She is working towards her orange belt, taking Karate classes throughout the week between studies. On Sundays, she volunteers in "Life Kids," which is what Sunday School for young kids is called at our church, She's a voracious reader, having read the Harry Potter series over and over, along with Michael Vey, Percy Jackson, The Selection, and numerous other series. She loves anime and manga, and hanging with her best friend, Maura.

And while Alessondra grows up more by the day and her curiosities expand into more mature and complex interests, one thing certainly remains the same...her love for owls.