Chat Guidelines

Alessondra's Owl Cam is G-Rated.

Alessondra, along with dozens of classes, and hundreds of kids watch this during and after school. Please keep that in mind. When discussing biological aspects of owls (ie. mating, reproduction), please use well-chosen, proper terminology. Be respectful and kind in tone to each other, and avoid divisive or insensitive topics, especially politics, race, and orientation.

This is a feed about Great Horned Owls

Keep the chat reasonably on-topic, especially when the pace of chat is high. Do not chat IN ALL CAPS, and please don't overuse emoticons. Do not use chat to promote products, companies, or other sites*. Please PM a Mod if you have a site that you would like them to consider sharing with the chatters. When chat volume is at a manageable pace, we encourage discussion and sharing of other owl/bird-related feeds and resources. Please use your best judgment and follow the mods' direction in this regard.

Moderators rule the roost.

Moderators have the ultimate authority over chat and reserve the right to ban unruly chatters, slow or pause the chat, and moderate links as they see fit. Absolutely no arguing with the mods, or you're subject to immediate ban from the chat. Remember the moderators are volunteers. They are here to welcome everyone and answer questions as best they can, but may not be able to get to every question.

Enjoy, Learn, and Share.

Remember that this community and experience is a blessing and privilege for us all. Please do not abuse it. Most importantly, learn and enjoy. Feel free to tell others about the feed, especially on Facebook and Twitter. The more, the merrier.