The Clicks

We are a family of five. Jeff is the Dad, Deziray is the Mom, and Alessondra is the big sister to Giavauna and the newest addition to the family in, Xavier.


Deziray is a Physician Associate by vocation, but has foregone her career to commit to the education of the Click kids. Alessondra and Giavauna are educated through a "blended model" which combines home schooling with formal part-time classes at The Academy of Classical Christian Studies in Oklahoma City. Deziray also co-leads a women's ministry called Within The Word, which leads over 100 women in weekly Bible study through our church, Life.Church.


Jeff is a commercial real estate developer and owner of a company that builds new homes in Oklahoma City. He loves technology, and his undergraduate studies were in broadcasting and computer science. Consequently, he is the technical director of the OKC Owl Cam. In his spare time, he enjoys CrossFit.


The oldest child, and the first to discover the owls at the Click home, Alessondra is the natural-born spokeswoman for the OKC Owl Cam. Therefore, she has an entire page of her own for you to learn more.


Giavauna, also commonly called "G-Money," is a budding gymnastics star who practices regularly in efforts to spend as much time at the top of the podium as possible. While still young, she's still the most competitive Click, and it's a rare day if she hasn't organized some sort of game or match with the other kids in the cul-de-sac.


Xavier is the newest member of the family, born in May of 2016. Expected to be the "third and final kid" of the Clicks, he'll also be charged with carrying on the Click name as the only boy. So far, he is enjoying the love and affection he gets from his would-be three moms (Deziray, Alessondra, and Giavauna), and getting a stylish haircut every two weeks with Dad.