Our Chat Moderators

This amazing group of individuals voluntarily directs our chat with a warm welcome, an encouraging tone, and a sincere desire to educate and serve those who have questions. Every moderator does this on a voluntary basis, and does far more than "just chatting." Additional help they provide includes compiling helpful information for the viewers and chatters, as well as to be integrated into the OKC Owl Cam page. A few have even, literally, helped clean up the aftermath of the nest at the Click house.

We'd love for you to join us in chat. Please take a moment to review our Chat Guidelines and come be a part of the community that takes place there, led by our trusted team members below.

Cathy1979 is from Niagara Falls NY. She loves all animals and loves to learn new stuff everyday.

COGAL is a retired interior designer from Colorado who loves to travel, read, shop and attend hockey and baseball games. She spends time with her hubs, her son and his family (especially her grandkids), and two retrievers...and of course, The Broncos!

CrossCheckMe lives in CT with her growing family. She is an avid hockey fan and loves sharing her love of the "Tiger" family with her son.

Debbiemango is a lover of all birds but it is the Owl that stole her heart. When not watching owls, she likes to spend time with her bird "Pickles" and texting with her son, who is stationed in Japan. She also enjoy crafting owls and reading books about owls.

DezirayClick is Alessondra's Mom. Besides modding the chat, she home schools our daughters and co-leads a Women's Christian Ministry.

Gsogirl lives in North Carolina. Her wildlife cam obsession began in 2011 with the Decorah Eagles. She enjoys chatting and learning new information from our chatters. She loves the quote, "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." --Anatole France

Hundon1 lives in a small village in the east of England with her hubby and dog, Dottie (by name and nature). She has two grown up sons, and has been watching owl cams since becoming hooked on Molly & McGee in 2011.

JeffClickOKC is a mod, but his more important job is to keep the feed up and running. He tends to obsess about insuring you viewers have the optimal view, but he's more obsessed with the ladies in his life, Deziray, Alessondra, and Giavauna, and his new son, Xavier.

JudyRameior lives in eastern MA, and started watching wildlife cams in spring 2011. She quickly became hopelessly owl-dicted.

Kb7get (Tom) lives in Idaho. He serves as a back-up Mod.

Ken1942k lives in Dunedin, New Zealand. His grandchildren, and birdcam watching, keep him busy in retirement.

Morlach lives in Adelaide, South Australia, grew up on dairy farm so has been around animals all his life. Loves watching wildlife cams of all types from Eagles to Owls to Panda Bears. Is an IT geek in real life and loves playing with his gadgets.

NatureJess is a stay-at-home mom to a beautiful little girl. She lives with her husband and daughter on the south shore of Long Island NY. She's a nature lover, hence her mod name. She hopes to teach her daughter all about nature, how to preserve it and keep it safe, and to handle it with great respect. She's also on a mission to see 3 wild animals; Snowy Owl, Bald Eagle and a Moose.

Okieemma is a librarian by day, owl watcher by night, & lover of nature always! she is very excited to be part of this owlsome experience!

Ottawalee loves participating in this adventure and considers it a life pleasure for her; this includes the people involved, the owls, and continuing to read up on owls. An amateur birder, my background includes biology, public health, pastoral care, working in emergency housing shelters. I'm proud to belong to two amazing countries: the US [by birth] and Canada [married and settled here.)

polo7422 lives in SE Michigan and has a great love of our wildlife friends, and thinks that live stream cameras are a very informative way to learn about nature.

Rodakae Is a semi-retired house wife who lives in FL in the winter and Ohio, her home state, in the spring and summer. She enjoys crochet, swimming, any sport, especially her grandson's baseball. She also enjoys golf and spending time, as much as possible, with her family and her chocolate doodle “Latte" who makes her laugh at least once a day.

Tampabayrabbit lives in St. Petersburg, Florida with her Chef Hubby and a Pekingese, named "Mookie." She has a great love for owls and is completely addicted to them and her Hubby says that's an understatement!

Allthingscockatielhas loved birds her entire life, and loves the chance to see owls up close. She lives in central OK with her family and her cockatiel, where she enjoys both watching birds and drawing them.

Truk is our "technical mod." Involved in the bird-cam community on a broader scale, he's been an active supporter of OKCOwlCam for a couple of years. This year, however, he's developed our "Tiger_Bot" mod, which is an automated, informational bot participating in chat to help the mods provide automated information to chatters.

SteveJKFOR works for the NBC station in OKC that has done several stories on the OKC Owl Cam. He is married with two kids and lives in Edmond. Steve and Jeff go way back--Jeff built Steve's first home in 2001.

LilCShell is a Southern California birder and wildlife enthusiast who enjoys traveling, dark chocolate and spending time with her nephew.