We have another egg!

Altera has been showing signs of pre-nesting for the past week and a half on the East ledge and has now officially nested for the second time for Season 5, this time on the east ledge. Her choice of pot is the same as Mrs. Tiger's choice for Seasons 2 - 4.

This is her 5th egg for Season 5, and will be referred to as "E5.5" (Season 5, Egg 5) until hopefully a successful hatch, at which time Alessondra will name it according to tradition.

An exact time laid has not yet been determined. If such a time isn't able to be determined by study of her behavior and vocalizations, we will consider the lay time as the first time it was visible on camera as we have in the past.

If she is to lay others, it will likely be on Friday, as both she and Mrs. Tiger have previously laid their eggs two 2 days apart. Stay tuned!