After several days of no activity at the pot with the eggs, it is safe to say they have been abandoned and are non-viable. While this is sad news, we have seen signs that give us hope for another shot at Season 5.

Just around the corner from this nest pot is the pot chosen by the Tigers for Seasons 2-4. For the past few nights, we have seen both Mr. Tiger and Altera prepping this pot the same way they did the previous pot just before eggs were laid. Mr. T has been aggressively coaxing her to this location, bringing food and calling for her for up to a half-hour, which is unusually long for him to stay in one place. Quite a bit of digging has also been done.

Sounds being heard off-camera the past several nights are consistent with the mating vocalizations of owls, according to those who specialize in owl vocalizations. We've also been told that Altera laid eggs early enough in the season that it's not out of the question for them to "try again." We believe that is what is taking place.

Bear in mind, nothing is certain. The past 3 months have proven that as it relates to the Tiger Family and this stream. We don't aim to get your hopes up, and we acknowledge that this may lead to disappointment if nothing comes of it. Our position has always been to observe and appreciate nature's process and to give you an up-close viewing of it along with us. Consistent with that philosophy, we've placed a camera on the potentially new nest pot and have turned the stream towards that area in hopes that we all get to witness their re-courting and nest-prep process.

Watching a plastic box full of organic dirt has never been more riveting for some of us who "get it." But watch closely, as they arrive silently. And maybe, just maybe, they'll stay long enough to make something of it for us all.