Can you say, “Better late than never?” 

On the morning of 2/12, Deziray discovered Altera in an urn on one of the Juliet balconies. Similar to Season 1, when it all started, the chosen nesting site is a tall, ceramic urn, but this time on the south side of the front entry. (Season 1 was on the east side). “E7.1” was laid some time after dawn that morning, and she sat on it until mid-day. As has been common in every season, she doesn’t sit on the first egg(s) constantly until she’s done laying what she intends to lay. Temps have remained well above freezing, so her absence is no cause for alarm or concern. She perches in the nearby loblolly pines next door keeping a watchful eye, and has visited several times since then to check in on and roll the egg.

While I'm ramping up the technical setup on the inside of the house, we’re in a wait-and-see mode on adding any cameras to the nest for live streaming purposes (though we have had one placed over each balcony for quite some time to monitor any activity, this one included.) Adding camera equipment and changing the nest site isn’t a good idea this early in the process, as it may give her reason to abandon the site…something none of us wants. Once she has committed, rest assured we’ll be going live for Season 7 of the Alessondra’s OKC Great Horned Owl Cam. We’re every bit as hopeful and excited as you are. | jC