Altera came through like clockwork, laying E7.2 some time between 3:45-6:00AM this morning. Thursday OKC enjoyed temps in the 70s, but dropped into the upper 20s overnight with the outlook over the next week hovering around freezing. Consequently, Altera remains on the nest, which is an encouraging sign. 

Because we know you well, Dear Fans, let’s address what looks like a crack in one of the eggs. This appears to be an artifact of the laying process, combined with a particle from the dirt in the urn. Close on-site inspection has confirmed this is *NOT* a crack, as depicted in the close-ups provided here.

Technical preparations continue in hopes for launching the Season 7 live stream soon. Be sure to subscribe to OKCOwlCam on YouTube to be among the first notified when we do! 

We’ll keep you updated in the meantime! | jC